About us

The idea behind Lekker Jobs

It is very difficult to trust a stranger to take care of something that is valuable to you, be it your children, grandparents, pets, your business, your possessions, yourself etc.   Especially with the high crimte rate in South Africa, how can you let somebody into your home or business and trust he/she only has good intentions in mind?   

Another annoying fact is that people are not kept accountable for the quality of service they deliver, and we are speaking about all industries.  People get away with providing poor services and customers are left unsatisfied and angry that they wasted their hard-earned money on nothing.

We spent hours, weeks & months thinking about how to best overcome the TRUST issue in the most cost & time efficient way.  What better way of publically displaying ratings & reviews for each candidate, thereby rewarding the  high performing candidates with excellent reviews and increasing their chances of receiving more job offers in future.  On the other hand, our employers are protected from poor service delivery as the low performers receive discouraging reviews. 

And this is exactly what we did - we put our vision into an easy-to-use website, which can handle a large number of short-term jobs  while keeping the cost at a minimum for employers.

We hope you will enjoy it!

Our Mission

Creating job opportunities & improving quality of service delivered by South Africans

Our Vision

Becoming the number one temp work service provider in South Africa by delivering excellent quality to our customers.

Our Values

  • Our service is affordable & accessible to everyone
  • We reward great service and make job performers accountable for the quality of their work
  • No job is too small for us