How it works

Option 1: Job ad

Employer posts a job-ad (public or private).

Interested candidates apply for the job ad and their public profile is e-mailed to the employer.

Employer can request contact details by clicking the "Get contacts" button

Hint: Private ads are not displayed publically and are only offered to hand-picked candidates using the "Offer my job" button - refer to Option 2

Option 2: Hand picked candidates

Employer uses filters to find the right candidate(s)

"Get contacts" button = get contact details immediately via e-mail

Hint: Use the Select checkbox to request contact details of multiple candidates or

use "Offer my job" button to send your job offer to the selected candidates

Candidates accept / decline the job offer

The acceptance confirmation & profile is e-mailed to the employer

Employer requests contact details ("Get contacts") which are e-mailed to him/her

Employer contacts candidate

Candidate performs job

Employer pays candidate

Employer provides rating & review
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Is Lekker Jobs free?


ALL services of Lekker Jobs are FREE OF CHARGE for job seekers.


FREE of charge:

  • 25 credits upon registration allowing access to 25 detailed profiles, which includes contact information
  • Post your job ad(s)
  • Filter, search & view candidates' profiles
  • Send your job offer to suitable candidates
  • Obtain candidate's confirmation of their interest in your job.
  • Use the candidate repeatedly without having to pay anything extra, ever!


  • A small connection fee of R10 per profile is charged when the number of requested profiles exceeds 25.
  • This charge has been implemented mainly to prevent fraud and unethical behaviour, such as spamming, that is rampant on the internet.

Find jobs - detailed description

Looking for jobs on is really easy and user friendly.

There are two ways of getting a job that you like and that suits your availability:

  • You can be either hand-picked by an employer who sees your public profile or
  • apply for a position displayed in our job-ads.

You can browse through the job ads displayed on our site without being signed-in, however, if you wish to respond to a job ad or be hand-picked by an employer and receive job offers, you need to register and create a profile. This is really easy and takes only 5 minutes!

Enjoy & Good luck with your job hunting!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Find people - detailed description

Finding quality people to help you with your business, your home or your family is really easy and intuitive on

Our registered candidates are students, recent graduates, contractors, freelancers and people who prefer flexibility in their employment.

No matter if your job lasts only a few hours or a few months or whether it is purely manual or requires specific skills or qualifications, you can find your help on this website.

You can view candidates registered on our database for FREE without being signed-in, however, if you wish to hand-pick candidates with suitable profiles and send them your job offer or Place a job ad, you will be prompted to register. This is really easy and takes only 1 minute.

There are two ways of finding a person who exactly meets your specifications for your temp job:

  • You can either filter through our database of candidates, hand-pick candidates and approach them with a job offer via our website or
  • Post a job ad and wait for responses.

We hope that you will enjoy our service!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)